Soul Healing Meditation

Dearest wondrous soul,

Do you want to know more about your journey here. I mean your soul journey?

How is it that you are in this body… that you are on this soul journey?

see beauty around you

see beauty around you



I developed Soul Healing Meditations in 2013 as a direct healing remedy to a personal physical ailment. I went deep within my soul for the answers, I found these answers and I found healing in the process.




I love the classes! I find that I feel a lot calmer and am able to deal with situations that would have upset me before, because I can now look at things with a much more open mind and I don’t take things so personally.

I feel meditation has made me a kinder and more understanding person which has benefits to both me and others around me.

I notice Nature more and really enjoy the feeling of just being in the moment…


I started teaching classes in Soul Healing and found that others found their answers too. Some healed from circumstances in this lifetime, some healed from issues which had arisen in past lifetimes.

My soul wanted me

My soul wanted me

It has been an amazing journey. 


As part of my online program, I introduced Soul Healing Meditations online and over the internet AND they also worked for people to connect deeper into their soul and to heal.

I would love to share this with you. 




soul connection in nature

soul connection in nature


Online Soul Healing Meditation Schedule:

October 24th at 4pm BST (British Time); 11am EST; 8am PST.

The meditation will be recorded and a link sent out to you for the replay in case you miss it (replay available for 10 days afterwards).

Price: £30, which is approximately $50: for current exchange rate, see this link:



After purchasing the meditation, please ensure that Bindi has your e-mail to send further information, and also e-mail if you have questions : bindi (at) or use the contact form.

I am looking forward to the insights you will gain by this deep soul connection. 



Soul Healing Meditation £30:

I have been meditating for 40 years and have not found as soothing a voice or profound and simple a guided meditation as yours. I’d recommend this highly for first-time and seasoned meditators alike…


You will be sent an e-mail prior to the class with preparation and log-in details. All participants will receive a recording of the meditation (available for 10 days after the live session).




Meditating with you helped me to find peace. Your own energy is so good that it helped me to find better energy within myself.

The most important thing that I learned from you is how to deal with my fears and panic attacks. You taught me to communicate with it rather than to fight it. That was life changing for me. I do the same with any negative feeling.

The next thing I have learned from you is that: whatever is going on now, it will pass…


Soul Healing Meditation £30:

If you are not quite ready to do the soul healing meditation, prepare your connection to the soul via ‘letters to my soul’ a journey to discovery within…