My personal view of meditation:

For me, meditation is the calming of the mind, in order to bring focus and clarity. We often have a lot of chatter in our minds, especially in our ever increasing fast-paced world, and meditation can help quieten this chatter.

By learning to quieten the mind and thereby listen to our intuition, we can make decisions better, faster and relieve a lot of unnecessary worry which helps us lead a happier, carefree life.

My journey to meditation began during university when I tried using the practice to quiet my mind for exams and study. Ten years after that, I was in India studying Ayurveda and formal meditation via the yoga sutras of Patanjali.

Another ten years on and I am teaching meditation to those who want to experience this wonderful art themselves. I have three options for you to choose from to enhance or start your meditation practice:

1. If you are based around Saltdean, Brighton, I have classes in my home meditation studio.

2. You can buy my guided meditation CD, which is also perfect for gifts.

3. My weekly meditation downloads – a 25 or 40 minute class in the comfort of your own home.

Browse the options below and if there are any questions, call me on 01273 302 350, 07739 468 345 or e-mail bindi (at)

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Bindi x