Meditation Workshops


Meditation Workshops

Learn to Relax:

This workshop concentrates on breathing and meditation techniques to aid the mind and body into relaxation. It is an ideal workshop for those suffering from insomnia or who find it difficult to quieten the mind.
The workshop begins with an explanation to meditation and how certain techniques can relax the body. After the tea break; pranayama (breathing techniques) is taught and simple meditations to quieten the mind. A deep relaxation meditation then follows.


Visualisation is a powerful aid which is used to realise what you want and need from your life and then to attain it. The day starts with an introduction to meditation, its benefits and how visualisation works. Then a short breath meditation to prepare the mind and body for the visualisation. We then break for a short tea break to allow the information to sink in.
There will then be a guided visualisation in which you will be led to visualise a beautiful positive scene.
The next visualisation meditation will be your own individual journey where you picture the surroundings and experiences.
The workshops ends with a deep relaxation.

Heal Your Body:

This workshop looks at the ‘chakras’ or energy centres of the body and how by meditating on them, it is possible to self-heal the body from emotional and physical problem which may be present.
The workshop starts with an introduction to the benefits of meditation, an introduction to the chakras and then a breath meditation.
The chakras are then looked at in detail and a meditation done on each of them to bring out the energy from them into the body.
The workshop ends with a deep relaxation.