Meditation Downloads


Meditation Downloads

These meditations are 25 to 40 minute guided meditations, which include breathing and a deep relaxation. Download the meditation and have a class in the comfort of your own home. The meditation will relax you, so do not listen to when you are driving or operating any machinery.

The meditations are recorded professionally at Sacred Sound Recording Studio with gentle music in the background.

I upload weekly meditations every Monday, for you to deepen your meditative practice. The meditation downloads cost £3 each. If there are any questions e-mail Bindi :bindi (at)

The meditation downloads are available in a variety of formats. Once you click the purchase button, select the format that you require. The formats that will work on all computers will be the High Quality MP3 versions or the Source Audio. High Quality MP3 format is fabulous quality and the smallest in size to download. Source audio and the other lossless formats may take longer to download.

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22 October 2012 - Meditation on Being In The Moment – REPLAY

Meditation on ‘being in the moment’. When we are totally in the moment, we are more aware of our life’s purpose and can live from a place of centre and calm.

Click Here to Purchase – Meditation On Being In The Moment    


24 September 2012 – Meditation on Allowing Into Your Life

We do not always realise opportunities or allow new things to come into our life. This is because of fear of the unknown, wanting to stay in our comfort zone or feeling scared of moving forward. In this meditation you are free to let in whatever comes into your mind’s imagination.

Click Here to Purchase – 24 Sept 12 – Allow Into Your Life


17 September 2012 – Meditation on Higher Self – REPLAY

This meditation is on connecting with your higher self; the part of you with no judgement, full of love and which embraces positivity. Meditating on your higher self leads to more positivity.

Click Here to Purchase – Higher Self  


3 September 2012 – Acceptance

Everyone is different with different backgrounds, viewpoints and opinions. The more we can accept others, accept ourselves and accept our situations, the better we can flow with life.

Click Here to Purchase – 28 Aug 2012 – Acceptance


20 August 2012 – Meditation on Clarity – REPLAY

With a lot of chatter in the mind, it is difficult to get clear answers to questions; clarity in certain situations and rid of confusion in order to be clear. Use this meditation to aid your clarity. This meditation is 25 minutes without a deep relaxation at the end.

Click Here To Purchase – 18 June 2012  


13 Aug 2012 – Meditation on Being Gentle On Yourself

Do you find yourself running around with lots to do; run out of time often or generally feel chaos in your life? It is time to start being gentle on yourself.

Click Here To Purchase – 13 Aug 2012 – Be Gentle


6 Aug  2012 – Meditation on Letting Go – REPLAY

We often hold onto things which do not allow us to move forward and progress. Letting these go allow us to flow better with life.

Click Here to Purchase – Letting Go


30 July 2012 – Your Ideal Inner Vision

Meditation on the ideal vision of your life. The more you can imagine it, the more likely it is to happen.

Click Here to Purchase – Inner Vision – 30 July 2012

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