Life Coaching Workshops


Life Coaching Workshops

My life coaching workshops are a combination of both life coaching and meditation techniques.

Awaken Positivity:

This workshop explains the need to be positive and ways in which we can bring more positive actions into our lives, including the ‘law of attraction’ and vision boards.
The workshop begins with an explanation into positivity and meditation. After we have relaxed the body by pranayama (breathing techniques), we will commence with positive image and word meditations. After the tea break, positivity techniques such as the ‘law of attraction’ will be explained in detail and the chance to practise these techniques.
A deep relaxation and visualisation ends the workshop.

Discover Yourself:

A good, healthy knowledge of yourself and self-confidence is essential to achieve your goals, dreams and the life you want. If you feel as though you lack some self-confidence and self-esteem, this is the workshop for you.
We will work through techniques to enhance your self-confidence, improve your esteem and you will leave with the ability to work through your moments of doubt and get to your success.