Heal Thyself Online Program


Dearest Beautiful Healer & Wise Soul,


I hear you… I see you… I feel your pain… Your frustration… Your fear…

You see clients everyday… You’re bad at taking breaks… You forget to drink water or have lunch…

How can you heal others when you cannot heal yourself…

Yes I went through these self-judgements too… I’m now in a more peaceful place…

Let me introduce myself…


I started my journey in the alternative health field in 2002 after having worked in Germany in the corporate telecoms world. 2002 led me to my studies in Ayurveda and the first inkling that our physical pain could be solved by things other than physical solutions. There are a lot of energetic or spiritual practices within Ayurveda which explain the physical ailment.

Bindi Shah, your 'Heal Thyself' guide

Bindi Shah, your ‘Heal Thyself’ guide

In order to heal, people use prayer, ritual, gemstones and planetary alignment as well as looking at the food they eat, yoga and meditation. Once I had set up my practice in London in 2003, I incorporated the physical and emotional healing elements to help people with their challenges and had no idea how the energetic or spiritual practices would change my life in 10 years time. 

Fast forward to 2013 and the deep, profound realisation that my physical challenge was actually due to a past life experience which my soul had gone through. The trauma of the soul had manifested into a physical ailment in this current life. I was absolutely blown away with the realisation of this connection. The connection came to me during deep meditation along with the answer (to my confused question as to what to do) ‘Physician, Heal Thyself’ and I knew that I had the tools, resources and the STRENGTH to deeply heal my challenges.

This deep, profound realisation of what your physical health challenge is showing you is what I want for you, dear healer. Your insights will be amazing and will bring so much into your life: 

  • a better foundation for your healing practice

  • more alignment with nature

  • incorporating self-care into your daily routine

  • learning techniques which will help you move forward 

  • being your authentic and loving self

  • losing the self-judgement

  • connecting more to what your soul yearns for


How my Heal Thyself journey can inspire you:



You Deserve To Feel Fantastic!


I have set up the Heal Thyself Online Program as a response to my healing and because I felt so alone in my journey. This is a supportive group or circle for similar souls going through their own healing journey. As intuitives, healers, therapists and old souls, you have deep, meaningful purposes to fulfill. Your physical and emotional challenges are part of that purpose and there is a deeper meaning behind your challenges. You will connect with like-minded souls also moving through their journey and learn through their experiences as well as my own and the teaching.

  • You are taking on other people’s issues and energies.
  • You have a physical or emotional health challenge and are not giving yourself the time to heal.
  • You are a constant giver and are not good at receiving.
  • You are tired and low in energy often.
  • You feel overwhelmed at the thought of your health challenges.
  • You are better at helping others than helping yourself.

Finding out the meaning behind my challenges and working with them as gifts for my purpose in life, has led me to a deeper understanding of myself, my purpose and what I went through and also continue to go through as I move in this journey of life.


This Is What I Would Love For You Too!


 “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually who are you not to be? Your playing small does not serve the world…… As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” 

Marianne Williamson

Find joy in your life again

Find joy in your life again


The teaching, coaching and being part of this supportive, nurturing group will get you back to your JOY and enable you to be an even better, grounded healer, therapist and holistic practitioner with the insights you gain which you can then pass on to your clients.

  • You can find your joy of life again.

  • You can be heard when others around you don’t necessarily hear you.

  • You can receive a zest for life.

  • You can be the fantastic healer you are meant to be.

  • You can find root solutions to your health challenges.

  • You can heal on a deep, soul level.





Benefits Of The Heal Thyself Circle:


  • A nurturing, non-judgmental group who will support you during your journey into health and well-being. There is no need to feel judged anymore for taking time off to heal yourself and for having health challenges.
  • The understanding, support and encouragement of like-minded souls going through similar challenges. There is no need to feel alone.
  • Physical, emotional and energetic/spiritual health solutions through teaching classes.
  • The knowledge that as a healer, your health issues give you insights to your inner-self healing. This insight, clarity and knowledge then helps the clients you work with.
  • Becoming an even better, grounded and connected healer, therapist, intuitive and wise soul, through the deep insights you are receiving due to your health challenges.




Would you like some company in your journey of health, well-being and happiness? Then join us in this like-minded group, where you will be nurtured so that you have the strength and tools to be out in the world and to help and heal others.

Join us on 3rd April 2014 for the start of the BONUS month and then May – September for 5 months of support and teaching.

The Heal Thyself Online Circle includes 3 teaching calls, 3 soul healing meditations, 2 reflection calls and a vibrant, online community for added support and encouragement in between the calls.


Full price £500

RBBP video summit special price £300 – sign up for the video summit here: RBBP spotlight 

There is also the option of paying for the program on a monthly basis:

Full price £110 per month

RBBP video summit special £70 per month for 5 months 





Teaching Sessions:

  • Teaching Session 1: You are important – the importance of you, self-care & nurture, self-love, receiving.
  • Teaching Session 2: Being heard – realising your truth & your gifts, speaking your truth, sharing.
  • Teaching Session 3: Inner strength – energetic/spiritual techniques such as grounding, protection, non-attachment, breathing & meditation.


Soul Healing Meditations:


Soul Healing is a gift

Soul Healing is a gift

As part of my personal healing journey, I used this meditation to clear my health challenges energetically.

We will connect to the soul and heal from past life or this life challenges which may present. It is not necessary to know your past lives to do this – the soul remembers and will heal.

When I used the soul healing meditation it was one of the rare times when I was without pain and felt a deep shift as I healed the past trauma which was on a soul level. In fact I believe that my health challenge had been manifested by a past life trauma and when I healed from this, the challenges left.

The Soul Healing Meditation is a true gift for the soul.


Reflection Calls:


The reflection calls are a chance for you to express how your healing journey is going and to share insights with others on the conference call.

Acknowledging how far you are coming on this journey is a huge step forward for your healing and you get to hear everyone’s voices too.

The calls are part of the REFLECTION MONTH designed to add additional space to the 5 month program and a chance for you to go within. 







The Heal Thyself Online Circle Details:

Let's do some deep, inner work together - I feel honoured to be a part of your journey

Let’s do some deep, inner work together – I feel honoured to be a part of your journey

Date Session
8 May 2014 'You Are Important' Teaching Session
22 May 2014 Soul Healing Meditation 1
5 June 2014 Reflection Call
3 July 2014 ‘Being Heard’ Teaching Session
17 July 2014 Soul Healing Meditation 2
7 August 2014 Reflection Call
4 September 2014 'Inner Strength' Teaching Session
18 September 2014 Soul Healing Meditation 3

All calls will be recorded if you can’t make them live.

Bonus Month of April includes an additional teaching call on

Self-Love (3rd April) and a Soul Healing Meditation (24th April)



5 month Heal Thyself ProgramHeal Thyself CircleAdditional 1:1 Support
5 month Heal Thyself ProgramHeal Thyself CircleAdditional 1:1 Support
3 Webinar Teaching Sessions via Videoticktick
3 Soul Healing Meditations via Videoticktick
2 Reflection Calls via Conference Callticktick
Detailed Worksheetsticktick
Supportive, Private Online Communityticktick
Weekly E-mail Promptsticktick
2 Private Calls with Bindi via Skypetick
Regular E-mail Check-ins to enhance your healing journeytick
Pay in Full£500£650
RBBP summit special £300 special RBBP video summit price£500 special RBBP video summit price
Cash Flow-Friendly£110/month £140/month
RBBP summit special£70/month special RBBP video summit price£110/month special RBBP video summit price


 Questions People Ask:


I am not sure who a healer is, am I really a healer?

My definition of a healer is someone who frees themselves or others of discomfort. Maybe you are a therapist or counsellor who allows people to unburden themselves through the spoken word, a massage therapist giving healing massages, an acupuncturist healing through meridian points, a psychic connecting people to loved ones, a life coach allowing people to become their best selves. Generally you help yourself and others feel joy, well-being and embrace life. How wonderful you are! 

Whatever your healing art, I would love for you to be a part of this like-minded community – to share your gifts with us, to strengthen your healing abilities and be the best healer you are meant to be. 


Do I need to have a health condition to join this group?

It is not necessary to have a physical or emotional health challenge to join the group. You may just want the nurturing support and encouragement from like-minded souls to help you move forward with whatever is challenging you or holding you back. Or just some beautiful souls to interact with and some new learning for yourself! 


How did you heal yourself?

I started with energetic clearing through past life healing, then progressed to looking at physical methods such as castor oil packs, yoga, herbs and juicing. The soul healing meditations are one of the major things I did. 


'I flow with life'

‘I flow with life as the ocean flows’

There are not many people in the world who get me, they feel I am too ‘out there’. How do I know that this group will get me?

The circle consists of like-minded souls who are like you, they are into past lives and all aspects of health, nutrition and healing. There are no barriers to what we can discuss in our online community and please feel safe to share your experiences and knowledge with us.



I have never done an online program before, what do I need?

A good connection to the internet for the teaching calls. You will watch me via video livestream and connect with our community via chat.

A facebook account for interaction in our online community.

For the conference calls, you may need to pay long-distance charges. I give out numerous options of numbers for you to use, so you are not paying international rates to the UK. 


You have stated the cost in British pounds, can I pay in another currency?

Yes you can! The payment is through Paypal, who will convert the amount into your currency when you check out. Paypal can also do the payment via a credit card, so you don’t need a Paypal account. If you’d like to know how much the program is in your currency, you can check here: http://www.xe.com


Is there a lot of focus on our health challenges?

Although the program is about healing yourself, we do not focus on the health issue, but rather the ways of healing and feeling better. You are welcome to discuss what the health challenge is and be heard through this process – but the emphasis of the group is clearly about empowerment and healing, so we do not stay in the stories of our challenges but rather in the deeper meanings we gain from them and how this will help us move forward.


What if 5 months is not long enough for me?

After the circle ends, there will be the option to continue the soul healing meditations and have the support of an online group, so you can continue to nurture the relationships you have gained during the 5 months.

The teaching you receive during the program is really as a foundation for the rest of your life. I practise aspects of self-care on a daily basis to keep me in the moment and health-focused when I need to be. I also receive insights for new challenges due to the work I have done on the soul-level. With participation in the program, the teaching you receive, you’ll have the tools to aid you after the 5 months is over.


Do I need to believe in past lives to participate in this program?

No you do not. Our Soul Healing meditations go deep into the trauma of the past of that soul – however if for you that past is in this life, then that is where you will go. The soul will show you what you need to know, so often it isn’t a past life or this life – it is an image to give you the answer of a question you had before you went into the Soul Healing meditation. 


I am here for your questions!

Please book a 30 minute Skype call with me where we can go through your questions. I love connecting 1:1 with you all!

E-mail heal@anamaya.net




About Me:


Bindi Shah

Bindi Shah, your ‘Heal Thyself’ guide

My journey into the health and well-being world started in 2002 when I went to India to study Ayurveda and Yoga. It was a fantastic experience with ancient learning and I started to use this knowledge when I went back to live in London in 2003.

I added life coaching onto my skills and expertise in Ayurveda, meditation and yoga in 2008 as a way of allowing people to achieve their goals and staying true to their inner-selves.

I teach weekly meditation classes from my home meditation studio in Saltdean, Brighton. I have over 5 years of experience in the life coaching field, and hold monthly life coaching group circles as well as life coaching two days per week at a centre which helps vulnerable 13-25 year olds, empowering them for a positive future. Last year’s 3 month ‘heal thyself’ program was my first online coaching venture and I am looking forward to embarking on this next one in April. 

2013 was a year of great healing for me from past life trauma, which had manifested as a physical ailment. I healed deeply on a soul level with meditation and have a monthly Soul Healing Meditation class, which is also being offered in this program.

I am passionate about this program as it is something that I would have wanted and appreciated when I was going through my health challenges. I do not want any healer to go through their own healing journey alone. I trust that those who need to be heard, empowered and nurtured can do so in a safe, confidential and welcoming circle such as ‘heal thyself’.

I really look forward to welcoming you in.





Join this nurturing, non-judgemental, positive and encouraging circle for progress on your health and well-being. There is no need to feel alone and you will be in the company of like-minded people who want you to move forward with joy. Heal thyself and feel better than you ever have!




I cannot guarantee that you heal yourself from the physical challenge you are facing. However if you participate actively in the program by following the exercises and meditations, you will get back your JOY in life and be a better healer.