About Bindi

About Bindi

Like so many of you, I started my work life in a large corporate company. I was working in a telecommunications company in Frankfurt, Germany when I discovered the ancient Indian health system of Ayurveda. After going on a simple retreat myself, I knew that I was meant to help people to heal themselves naturally.

I started off this process by embarking on a year-long study of Ayurveda with Sri Vasudevan at the Arsha Yoga Vidya Peetam Trust in Coimbatore, India. My learning included Ayurveda principles, Sanskrit, Yoga, and Meditation.

On returning to London in 2003, I set up my company and gave advice on Ayurveda treatments and yoga. As I started seeing more and more clients, it was clear that the mind was the source of all ailments and I started to focus primarily on the mind by teaching breathing techniques and meditation.

I studied life-coaching to learn some techniques to move people forward from their current position and completed my diploma in January 2009. Life coaching has helped me realise my own dreams and potential and this is what I aim for all my clients and meditation students.

Come and see me in my beautiful home in Saltdean, Brighton. Look out at the sea and be inspired while we work on your life-purpose and end with a relaxing meditation to clarify your thoughts.

I look forward to it :)