Why Retreat?

Why Retreat?

As I went deeper into knowing myself; healing from emotional and physical ‘stuff’ and embracing all that life is about; I realised that time AWAY from distractions is sometimes what the soul really needs to get to the root of the issues.


It is great and necessary to have some kind of time like this in your everyday. Maybe you have a daily inner connection practice, such as meditation, prayer, art or writing. However the strength and depth which you receive by going somewhere different for real deep connection, is on another level. You receive insights which are so amazing and on a retreat you have a wonderful group of loving people around you, who all want the best for you. It is like a mini or major vacation in a weekend AND with more meaning.


I am running my first retreat this March!! To say I am excited is an understatement! I know this is the first of many as I prepare the workbook for the retreat. There will be deep learning from the materials and meditation and also deep learning from within yourself. You will receive the external teaching from me and the internal answers from within yourself. The title of this first retreat is ‘love letters to the soul’ and it will be about connecting deeply on the soul level and finding your soul’s purpose. What you REALLY want from life.


So if you lead a busy life…. if you have many distractions at home and no chance for some quiet time there… if you want these deep, inner insights as guidance for the rest of your life…. come along. I would absolutely LOVE to have you join: Love Letters to the Soul Meditation Retreat 


I will be doing a call very soon to answer your questions. If you have any questions in advance, please e-mail me: bindi@anamaya.net or call me on 01273 302 350. I am happy to answer all your questions.


If you know you are ready to come, then please use the booking form on the website and send me a message to say you are booking – text 07739 468 345 or e-mail bindi@anamaya.net.


Sending you love and healing,

Bindi xxx



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