Letters to My Soul

Letters to My Soul

UPDATE to this – the sign-up page for Letters to my Soul: http://anamaya.net/letterstomysoul


I am undertaking a challenge to write a letter to my soul every day for a year.


Connecting with my soul on a deeper level leads me to realise what I want, what I desire, what I need. I wish to come closer and closer to that vision and I am using these letters as a path to this bigger vision of my life.


As with all things, a bit of accountability can help :)


I would like to invite you with me on this journey for a year. Yes, deep breath, A YEAR! We will have the time and space to discover, re-discover, explore and experience our soul’s journey on a deeper level.


The ‘letters to my soul’ journey will start on 12th August – the date my soul chose for this physical journey. It will be free to join. I am so looking forward to having this magical time with you and for us all to bring deeper awareness to ourselves.

Example of some sentences from my letter yesterday:

I hear, I feel, I see you.

You are heard, dear one. 

I know that this journey of life you are on,

Is not always easy,

Not always fun.

I am hurting.

Are you hurting too, dear soul?

You have deep answers

To my sorrows…

To my wishes…

To my questions…

Will you join this transformational journey with me and have a magical year? I’ll be providing details very soon and for now, you can sign-up for the newsletter to be told of this journey as soon as I have more details:  Newsletter sign-up and free meditation

Let’s do this together!

Lots of love,

Bindi xxx

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