Ground connection

Ground connection

As I watch Samson today, I remember Kruger last year. She had begun to slow down during the summer, ready for her spirit passing in October. She didn’t eat properly, was very slow in her pace and conduct and I see Sammy doing the same.


I took extra time today to connect more with him. I had an afternoon nap (what a pleasure) and could hear Sammy purring and loving the fact that a human can sleep during the day too :)


I sat by him as he grounded to the earth and enjoyed the grass – I received some extra grounding too!


These lovely moments have reminded me to stay very present today. To allow in what will, and to be in the NOW. It has been wonderful and immensely refreshing.


I am part of a 108 pilgrimage group which my lovely nurture huddler, Vanessa Sage, set up. This program is already becoming amazing for me and is part of the reason for this blog post. I am bringing more presence to myself as a pilgrim during these 108 days. Here is the link for more info:


I am looking forward to my adventures ahead,


Much love,

Bindi xx

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