I have started a 108 day pilgrimage with the lovely Vanessa Sage and this morning I was ‘enchanted’ by turmeric and wanted to share with you all.


I bought some turmeric root over the weekend to add to my daily breakfast juice – I do apple, orange, beetroot, spinach, ginger, berries, sometimes carrot and sometimes coriander. I usually add turmeric in powder form, with some powdered greens (spirulina, nettle leaf, wheatgrass plus others).


It was such a delight to add the turmeric fresh into the blender this morning. It stained my fingers and the chopping board yellow, became translucent blue when in the juice and was ‘enchanting’. I loved this deeper connection with the herb and it made me remember what amazing antioxidant properties turmeric has.


What everyday thing which you use daily, can be enchanting for you TODAY?


Thank you Vanessa for the inspiration - http://sagelifeconsulting.com/enchant-everyday/


I would love to know what you are feeling enchanted about today and if you are part of the 108 day pilgrimage, it would be lovely to know what you have been enchanted with today :)


Much love,

Bindi xxx

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