A letting go story…

A letting go story…

Yesterday I went down to the sea and let go….

The last few times I have cut my hair, I have done it with letting go in my mind and also taken the hair from the hairdressers with me. I have then released the hair and anything ‘stuck’ to it into the sea. By ‘stuck to it’ I mean the energy around things which may have been present – situations, emotions, anything not for my highest good. Letting go on such a deep level feels GOOD.

I let go a lot – on the full moon, in meditation. I try not to hold onto things which bring me down and hold me back. I like to feel fresh and new and ready to embrace life whenever I can.

So… when for the last few weeks I started to feel heavy, burdened, burnt out and not at all myself – I didn’t feel I had anything to let go of. I sage everyday, I let go often. My energy is strong – AND in the last few weeks it didn’t feel as strong.

Well… yesterday as I moved my things in my work area, I found the hair which I had not let go of. I had cut my hair at the start of April and the hair was there ready to be released into the sea and somehow I had not done it yet. I went for a walk, released the hair and WOW I felt lighter. Maybe it was because I expected it, maybe it was the energy which had held onto the hair. I am not sure.

What I know is, I feel clearer…. I can see that I can simply be…. I can allow myself the rest and ease I need…. I feel more ME.

If you are hanging on to something, which needs to be let go of – see if you can let go today and let me know how you get on and if you also feel the ease with it :)

Bindi x


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