Sacred Spaces

Sacred Spaces

Last week I had my q&a call on my online program. The call featured previous participants from the program and one of them, Vanessa Sage of Sage Life Consulting -, mentioned that the ‘heal thyself’ program managed to create sacred space online.

Space which is warm, welcoming, one in which people feel safe, nurtured, comforted and that they are connected  with others in a loving environment. I know I create this physically in my meditation space at home and people enjoy coming to the classes and feeling the energy created and nurtured here. However, can this sacred space also be created online? AND have I managed to create this with the ‘heal thyself’ program?

During the last year or so I have become more used to being and showing my authentic self online. Not a persona, not someone I want to be or aspire to be – but truly who I am. I am being me and yes this means I am being me online too. Through my healing challenge and ultimate healing journey, I have learned to love myself more, not to judge myself and this has led me to be an even better healer as I allow others to heal themselves too without judgement and with true love. The participants on the program are also learning to be better healers themselves as they move through their own journeys and the community and ‘sacred space’ created is a part of all of us.

Practical Help:

Before a teaching call or Soul Healing Meditation, I cleanse the space with sage – just as I would before a physical class. I ground myself and connect with my higher self. I place crystals around my computer and light candles and call my angelic guides in to help me. I create the exact space I want for my physical classes and for my personal connection practice. Yes the class is via the computer and the participants are hundreds or even thousands of miles away – yet they FEEL the energy of the space.

Tuning in:

During my physical Gratitude Circle, participants who cannot attend ‘tune in’ to the circle and our energy. They can also FEEL the energy come through to them. We are connecting at the same time and our intention has been set to connect together. This also happens during the ‘heal thyself’ program – we all know when we are due to meet and connect and if we cannot attend at that time, we can tune in or even listen and feel the energy on the replay.

We are all ONE:

All of this, for me, demonstrates the full depth of ONENESS. How we are all connected and can all connect together – even through the internet, through time differences, through distance…. we are all connected and we are all tuning in and making this world a sacred space. How deeply wonderful.

If you would like to listen to the whole q&a call, here is the link:

You will hear the beautiful voices of:

Monica Garcia –,

Sheila Pai -,

Vanessa Sage - and

Brenda Rivas -

Enjoy creating your own sacred space – be it a physical space or an online space and I look forward to hearing how you get on,

Bindi xx

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