My journey to Soul Healing :)

My journey to Soul Healing :)

I started doing Soul Healing Meditations last year when I was working through a physical health challenge and frankly did not know why!! I was living a healthy lifestyle – I teach meditation and was doing yoga, juicing, eating healthy. I realised early on that there were some deep issues to my healing challenge and decided to dig deep to find them. I meditate on a daily basis and during one of my episodes of huge pain – I asked myself and my guides for some answers. I said I was confused and did not know what to do further for my healing. I had been doing a course of acupuncture at that time and was taking supplements. I had recently had the condition ‘named’ allopathically and realised there was no western medicine route for this.

During my deep meditation, I received the answer ‘physician, heal thyself’ – it was a clear as if someone had whispered it in my ear or had shouted it across the room :) I knew from that moment, that yes I did have the tools to heal myself and yes I must use them and do this! I had the support of my husband and other than that, not many (if in fact anyone else) understood my healing challenge and the journey I was going through.

My meditations after this time also took on another aspect – they went deeper and I found myself having recollections of past lives – visions came to me and I instantly knew they were past lives or  messages from my soul. This was what my soul wanted me to know and I started listening. I did four of these deep healing… SOUL HEALING… meditations and found that yes I had healed on a soul level and therefore a deep level. I no longer had the pain and felt like a renewed, new person :)

As with most of my reflections and experiences and the way I work, I wanted to share this experience with others. I started up my physical Soul Healing Meditation classes and also started creating an online experience of healing, so that people who were going through health challenges, as I had, would not feel alone and would have a community around them of like-minded people. This then became the ‘Heal Thyself’ Program which is starting again for the second round on 3rd April 2014:

Not only have I had HUGE breakthroughs due to the Soul Healing Meditations, people who have experienced the meditation sessions for themselves have too!

‘It was amazing to see how easy it was to feel part of sacred space and connected to everyone participating during the Soul Healing meditations.’ Vanessa Sage, PhD –

‘The Soul Healing Meditations are beautiful – one of my favourite parts. It’s great you can make meditation like this work over the interwebs.’ L.S

‘My whole life has changed after the Soul Healing – I went through so much healing and releasing.’ M.H

I invite you to some and experience a soul healing meditation with me – either in-person in Saltdean, Brighton, UK or over the internet as part of the Heal Thyself Program – come and have a nurturing hug from your soul :)

Bindi x


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