Hay House ‘I Can Do It’ Pasadena 2013

 Summary of the talks of the Hay House ‘I Can Do It’ Conference in Pasadena 2013.

Dr. Brian Weiss: Many Lives, Many Masters: Finding new levels of healing

Brian Weiss did a wonderful workshop on past lives, we did some regressions and developed our intuition. He spoke a lot about healing via past lives, which really spoke to me and even symptoms disappearing when we just remember the past life. He also spoke about simultaneous lives, which I have discovered more through Anita Moorjani’s work and there was a great feeling of oneness with the universe.

One of his quotes from the workshop which was so interesting for me was: ‘Where were you when your mother was a teenager? Were you helping from the spirit realm?’

I love the thought of us all being there for each other all the time.

It was a very powerful workshop!

Dr. Wayne Dyer: Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the art of manifesting

Wayne Dyer started with his favourite quote – when you change the way you look at things, the look of things change.

He talked about his neck and shoulders which are in pain and he is healing – he talked about the capacity of the body to heal and also the feeling of oneness. Oneness was a definite theme throughout the conference. He also talked about living our own dreams and not someone else’s dreams or life and the need for us to discover what makes our soul feel good.

Wayne Dyer also had some practical advice about going wheat free, which was synchronous to my journey, as I have been wheat free for a while now.

Louise Hay & Mona-Lisa Schulz: All is well

Louise Hay and Mona-Lisa Schulz spoke together about affirmations and the power of them to heal the body. They stated that medicine can only take you so far – a fact that I know only too well with my healing journey this year.


They took us through the chakras, the body and emotions related with each and then an affirmation for each.


1st centre (root chakra) – feeling safe and being supported by family. When this is not present, there are joint and back problems. An affirmation for this: ‘I know that life always supports me.’


2nd centre (sacral chakra) – healthy love relationships, sexual identity and healthy money relationship. When this is not present, a range of lower back problems and fibroids/cysts. An affirmation: ‘I trust the process of life. All I need is taken care of. I am safe.’


3rd centre (solar plexus) – self-esteem and loving your body. When this is not present, there can be weight issues and adrenal gland issues. An affirmation to use: ‘I love and approve of myself. It is safe for me to care for myself.’



4th centre (heart chakra) – a healthy, emotional self. When this is not present, there could be problems with the heart, the breasts or the lungs. An affirmation: ‘I joyously release the past. I am at peace.’


5th centre (throat chakra) – communication, the ability to speak and to listen. When this is not present, there may be thyroid issues. An affirmation to use for this: ‘I move beyond old limitations and now allow myself to express freely and creatively.’


6th centre (third eye chakra) – capacity to see clearly. When this is not present, there can be eye problems. An affirmation: ‘I see with love and joy.’


7th centre (crown chakra) – the purpose of life. When this is not present, there will be deep hurt. An affirmation: ‘I create a life I love.’

Gregg Braden: The missing link to a healed life and a thriving world

Gregg Braden talked about a time of extremes and huge changes happening globally at the moment. He said that too many people are putting their lives on hold, trying to wait until things get ‘back to ormal’ – instead, he said the key is to adapt to these changes.

We did a beautiful meditation on the heart and feeling compassion. The existence of love has the power to heal.

Lissa Rankin: Scientific proof you can heal yourself

I knew I would be interested in this talk – especially with the launch of my ‘Heal Thyself’ Program!


She spoke about the database of spontaneous remissions and how there are thousands of studies there and also the fact that 80% of fake surgeries are effective! This is the placebo affect and shows that we can heal ourselves. These positive beliefs and self-healing can only occur, however, in a relaxed body – and there are a lot of stressed bodies out there, which is not the ideal environment for healing.

Doreen Virtue: Healing help & guidance from your angels

Always the angel, Doreen offered so much advice and guidance for us earth angels in this physical world. There was advice for learning to say no, being the role models of peace and nourishing our bodies.

Something really stood out for me, as I get this ‘excuse’ a lot in my coaching sessions too: People not starting their dreams, as they use the excuse of being too busy. She said say no to distractions and time-wasting and LIVE YOUR DREAM.

Sonia Choquette: The power of your spirit

This talk started at 8.30am in the morning and we danced, laughed and were in our spirit!

The huge take-away for me: ‘Remember who you are – you know who you are – don’t play small.’

Peggy Rometo: Intuitive Self

We did a lot of meditation on our life experiences and the deeper meanings behind these. It was insightful for me as on my new online program, I also do the deeper meanings behind health issues as healers.

Denise Linn: Past lives: Release limitations and activate your spiritual path

We spoke about the fact that certain problems can re-occur until you get to the root, and sometimes that root is in a past life.

We did a few past life regressions and there was a lot of healing.

Bruce Lipton: The science of personal & global transformation

Bruce Lipton started with the fact that we are born to live in heaven and that heaven is now on earth. He spoke about the ‘honeymoon effect’ and that when we are in love, we are healthier, more energetic and we can’t wait for the next day. This is an effect we can have now when we start living from the heart nstead of the head – we can have heaven on earth!

I trust this has given you a little insight into what wonderful learning there is at a Hay House Conference, if you want to know more then look at their website: http://www.hayhouse.com


For more information on my new online course, see http://www.anamaya.net/wp/heal-thyself-circle/ – you can still sign up for a recording of the free video call we had last Friday. 

Bindi x

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