Accountability really does help!

Last week I participated in a ‘catalyst chat session’ with my RBBP mentorship circle.

It was a session where we said what we were going to do in our ‘co-working’ time together in a chat window. Then we closed down the chat, e-mail, facebook and any other distractions and did our task for the next 1.5 hours. Then we went back to the chat to post how we got on and to celebrate our successes. It was a great experience and definitely a huge success. During the session, I worked on my mini book which goes with my new soon-to-launch ‘Heal Thyself’ program and it was wonderful knowing that other people in my group were also co-working on books. As well as book writing, we had people working on their new programs, doing their accounts and writing newsletters. The positive energy which we produced while doing this session was truly amazing.

After the session, I was very excited about my progress and posted immediately on my facebook page about the strategy and my success. One of my followers wanted to do the same as she found that whenever she set an intention for her writing, she never seemed to accomplish it. I asked her to post on the facebook page when she was going to do her writing and this would hold her accountable. Then to write and post back how she did, what distractions she encountered and to allow me and anyone else looking at the post to celebrate with her. She managed to do 2 hours of writing!!

So if you are also looking at achieving something worthwhile amongst your constant chores or to-do lists, then here are some steps for you:

1. Set aside 1.5 hours in your diary.

2. As you come closer to the time you have set, make sure you know what you will be working on.

3. At the allocated time, turn off e-mail or internet distractions and if you can, put a ‘do not disturb’ sign on your door.

4. Set the timer for 1.5 hours and start with your task.

5. When the timer goes off, review how well you did and also what distracted you.

6. Celebrate your success!

If you’d like, post a comment on here about what you will be working on to hold yourself accountable or post on the facebook page:

And if you’d like even more accountability and movement forward, have a look at Jennifer Lee’s mentorship circle which I am a part of:

I look forward to celebrating your successes with you,

Bindi x

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