Mercury in Retrograde

Hello Beautiful People!

We are in Mercury Retrograde at the moment until July 20th. Mercury in Retrograde means that the planet Mercury appears to be going backwards, hence the ‘retrograde’. It is not really going backwards, but just appears this way. Mercury is the planet of communication and in all communicative areas of our lives, we can notice a difference at this time.

As it is retrograde, we can feel ourselves going backwards too. This may mean re-visiting past situations which we need to work on. We can slowly do the contemplation work during a retrograde and then move forward after it has passed. Old patterns may re-emerge – these will usually test our resolve and what we are going to do. Will we go back to the old patterns, or will we create our new story?

For me, most of Mercury in Retrograde has to do with communication. How we are communicating with others, with ourselves and with the world in general. During the retrograde, I am clearer with my communication – as misunderstanding can easily happen – and it is this heightened clearer communication which continues after the retrograde has passed to ensure a better flow at all times. In fact this is the best fit for me – better communication at all times!

The communication is on all levels – e-mails, conversations on the phone or face to face, self-communication (is that negative self-talk a little louder during the retrograde?) It is an incredibly powerful time to look within yourself at how you are communicating and create better systems for yourself. Better systems of what to do offline when the internet connection goes off; better systems of self-care so you are talking positive to yourself; better systems of being able to say yes and no, so communication is clear and not full of maybes.

So what are you going to do today?

1. Re-visit a past issue and get clearer on it?

2. Communicate clearer with yourself and others?

3. Create some great systems to allow your communication to flow at ALL times?

I’d love to know,

Bindi x





















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