Empowerment by being in the present

A lot of my life coaching is centred around empowerment. I listened to a talk by Dr. Bruce Lipton the other day and he mentioned the subconscious and conscious mind and I realised how this impacts empowerment, or our feeling of being empowered.

Before the age of 7 years old, we are in the theta or hypnosis state of mind. This means that we download and record everything as we see it – we do not process or consciously think about what we are taking in. This means our world exists of downloads from people around us – our siblings, parents, community etc. As we grow older and our conscious mind sets in, we allow our own wishes and desires to be present and we create our world.

However according to scientific research which Bruce spoke about in the talk, an average person’s day consists of 95% being in the subconscious mind and only 5% being in the conscious mind. This means that only 5% of the time we are in our desires and how we want our life to be – the other 95% we are living to ideals of other people’s perceptions of life. Isn’t that an amazing thought? He then went on to say that most of the 95% which we have downloaded from other people before the age of 7, is dis-empowering or self-sabotaging thoughts.

This made me think of how important it is that we are in our conscious mind more of the time. Being in the conscious mind, means being in the moment. Being in the present and now means that we are less in our subconscious mind – which is where we have downloaded information, and more in our conscious mind – where we can create our wishes and desires.

You can start being more in the present by meditation. Chose a simple meditation which allows you to focus on your breathing, thus being totally in the moment.

Start creating more of the life you actually want to live and be in the conscious moment. I’d love to hear how you get on :)






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