Mercury in Retrograde – time for reflection

Mercury in Retrograde – time for reflection

In the next three weeks, you’ll be receiving inner messages around the past. Possibly events which need to be let go of; things which you thought you had released.

Those things and events may always be present for you on a subconscious level and around mercury in retrograde, they are highlighted. They come to the fore, presenting themselves to you so that you can deal with them. Dealing with them may mean the simple acknowledgment that you need to work on the issue. It may be the chance for you to go deeper within and solve challenges which have become deep-seated.

Take some time out from your everyday in the next three weeks and go within, realise your insights and let go of what you don’t need.

Communication is crucial at this time. Listen more. Speak less or clearer.

Allow the spaces between the words to be as important as the actual words being spoken.

Mercury is the planet of communication, as it slows down, it appears to be going backwards – hence the term ‘retrograde’ and during this time there can be mis-communication and mis-interpretation. Make your conversations – verbal, non-verbal and written communication as clear as you possibly can. Use direct language, common words; try less fluff! This way there is less of a chance for mis-interpretation.

Practise compassion as you listen to people; use empathy to get to the root of what they are saying or communicating to you. Remember compassion for yourself too as you listen to yourself – your inner critic may be even more vocal at this time.

Be in joy as you use this time for reflection and self-healing. This work on yourself is powerful. Breathe with me.

Bindi x


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